Motorola 'Close the Heart' Create Windows Mobile

CALIFORNIA - At a time when many phones that run operating systems (OS) Windows Mobile 6.5, Motorola even give credit to the open source-based OS developed by Google, Android.

Motorola which is struggling from the downturn because of its light continues to fade, it has long been a Microsoft partner in pinning the Windows Mobile. But they also became a supporter of open source software, and even now Motorola's focus on just one Android platform only.

Because of its focus to Motorola to develop Android on their mobile devices, vendors are willing to sacrifice some other operating system in order to continue to maximize Android in every product that they offer next time.

"One of our main reasons for using this system to use Android as open source. Side economics works here, because it can not be denied if Android is basically an open platform, which is given freely," explains VP of Software Applications and Ecosystems Motorola's Christy Wyatt, cited by PC World, Wednesday (07/10/2009).

"The advantage that open source is most felt that a little expenditure. Because in fact, prefers Android innovation rather than spending," he said.

Moreover, Wyatt believes Motorola may create a device that's good, because they can develop device software applications sendiri.SAN

Meanwhile, a study had revealed some phones that are considered to have the most high-frequency radiation.

Quoted by Big News Network, The Environmental Working Group has examined approximately 1200 types of phones based on the total emission of radiation contained therein. The result, Motorola and Blackberry to two of the many phones that are in the top.

Some phones, made by Motorola claimed by EWG as a mobile phone capable of producing the highest radiation levels. While the Blackberry and Apple iPhone 3G into the smartphone category with dangerous levels of radiation.

However, the EWG also found that Samsung and Motorola Razr V8 Impression included in two of the few phones that are considered safe from radiation.

EWG itself is known today as the institutions are researching the link between cell phone radiation levels, brain tumors and various other diseases.

But the Motorola said that the company has eliminated the risk of occurrence of heat in the use of mobile phone production. Even now Motorola's products are in compliance with safety guidelines for exposure to radio-frequency energy generated nationally and internationally. (Okz)
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