Nokia: Apple 'Stealing Our Ideas

Mobile Phones Info - Nokia has filed a lawsuit on Apple in the United States by accusing the 3G iPhone and iPad violated several of his patents.

Nokia said that Apple has violated patents related to "increase the voice and data transmission, using the position data in the application and innovation of antenna configurations that can improve performance and save space, so the device smaller and more compact."

In a press release, Paulus Melin, general manager of the licensed patents for Nokia, said "Nokia has become the key technology developers for mobile devices. We have taken steps to protect our pilot results and to end the unauthorized use of Nokia innovation.

This is the latest step in a series of lawsuits between the two companies. In October last year, Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple for patent infringement.

Two months later, Apple filed a lawsuit back, accusing Nokia violates several patents. Bruce Sewell, general counsel Apple says "Other companies have to compete with us by creating their own technology, not only by stealing ours."

Another round of lawsuits and pass unresolved problems remain.

The new lawsuit comes after Apple announced plans to release iPad outside the United States for the first time. [Ito][]
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Write by: RC - Friday, May 14, 2010

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