Sales of iPhones Threatened Stop

New mobile phones - Jakarta - Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC to register a lawsuit that threatened the supremacy of the iPhone. Tool iPhone, iPod and Apple's iPad threatened can not be sold.

The HTC who makes Droid Incredible and the other an Android phone Google's, enrolling demands to the United States International Trade Commission in order to block sales of the device iPhone, iPod and iPad.

While Apple's, enrolling a lawsuit against HTC in March, saying that 20 patents violated HTC phone Apple iPhone.

Not a single complaint to stop selling the products can be done in quick time. Patent disputes are common among technology companies and takes many years to complete.

Cases often lead to a license agreement rather than the import ban, as expected in the complaint HTC.

The success of the first iPhone that was launched in 2007 encouraged others to compete to remove mobile phone touch screen smartphones

In the year 2009, the iPhone as much as 14% over sales of smartphones worldwide, according to research group Gartner Inc.. Apple closed the distance with a BlackBerry-made "Research In Motion" which controls 20% of sales. But Android phone with a 4% sales grow very fast when compared to Apple last year.

In the demand, HTC says the Apple violated five patents. The first technology that extends battery life and lets mobile phone systems operate independently from the other gadgets. The phone will look like fashion 'sleep' while the other program is active.

Second, the storage of information transferred between different types of memory depends on how big the battery remaining. Third, how to store phone numbers, and then view and called him.

Apple, based in 'Cupertino California' has no comment about the complaint HTC, but the reverse with legal action has ever done. Android phones like the iPhone multi touch screen support.

Apple infringed four patents by HTC which is the ability to pinch the screen so the display can zoom more easily. While the last patent refers to technology that helps the device to react to information obtained by the sensor from its surroundings.

HTC signed a patent licensing agreement with Microsoft Corp. in April to avoid another dispute between the industry's major players. [Ito]
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