IPhone 3G Production Costs Just $ 179?

IPhone 3G - How about the cost incurred for the production of 1 unit Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB version? According to research firm iSuppli research institutions, the amount of U.S. $ 179 derived from the estimated total cost of materials and assembly.

The amount is not much different from the cost of making an iPhone 3G which, according to iSuppli U.S. $ 174. The main difference between the 'iPhone 3G' with '3 G 'is a camera that is upgraded so 3MP and features a digital compass.

Toshiba is a major supplier of materials iPhone 3G S. Japanese vendors account for NAND flash memory 16 GB worth U.S. $ 24. The screen on the iPhone 3G is also made by Toshiba S costs "of about U.S. $ 19.25. The company also assembles touch screen system for U.S. $ 16.

Other components come from Samsung, such as application processors. Other vendors involved contributed material for the iPhone 3G S is the Infineon that provide the GPS receiver. While Bluetooth chips manufactured by Broadcom.

According to analyst iSuppli, Apple seems to get huge profits from the operators who sell iPhone 3G s. The operators are expected to buy the iPhone 3G at a price higher than the selling price in the market.

In the United States market, iPhone 3G s sold by AT & T for U.S. $ 199 with contract or $ 399 without a contract. While in Indonesia, Telkomsel will sell at around Rp. 9 million.
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