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Production Rally Fighter set to debut at SEMA [video]
Developed as an open source project, the Rally Fighter was created by a community of enthusiasts who effectively designed the vehicle from the ground up.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
Fiat Mio FCC III Concept unveiled at Sao Paulo Motor Show
Created with the assistance of thousands of online contributors, the Mio FCC III Concept features a distinctive face, a panoramic glass roof, and wheel covers for improved aerodynamics.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
STi tuned Subaru Forester tS announced for Japan
Forester tS comes with Subaru's 2.5 liter Boxer engine turbocharged to 263 PS (193 kW) and 347 Nm of torque.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
Porsche Carrera GT Stage II by Kubatech
German tuner dials up the power on the discontinued Carrera GT's 5.7 liter V10 engine from a standard 612 PS (450 kW) to 660 PS (485 kW).
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Japanese brands still dominate U.S. reliability survey
Toyota's Scion brand was the most reliable marque in the Consumer Reports survey. Porsche was number 2. But the survey showed marked improvements for GM and Ford brands while Audi, BMW and Mercedes took a hit.
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2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG will debut in LA - report
According to a recent report, the 2012 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
2011 Opel Astra Sports Tourer: In Depth
Designed to appeal to young families, the ST has dynamic styling and fuel efficient engines.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
Citroën Metropolis concept confirmed for production
The CEO of Citroen Asia, Gregoire Olivier, has confirmed the company has green-lighted the Metropolis concept. Details inside
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
BMW to supply more police cars in the U.K.
Included in the new slate of police vehicles is the BMW 330d Saloon (sedan) High Performance Pursuit Vehicle.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
Opel Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition latest spy shots
Corsa OPC Nürburgring Edition will feature a stiffer and lower suspension and a special interior finish in leather and carbon fiber.
10.27.2010 10/27/10 ... view
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