Magnolia, Mobile Life with Wobble

Beijing - ZTE Corporation has a unique idea in predicting what kind of phone would be in the future. What is certain is that products must be environmentally friendly, either where it came from. Including if you have to force users to rock.

Magnolia - thus the name of this ZTE product - is a concept phone that simply attract the attention of visitors when exhibited in the Expo Comm China which took place in the Zhuan Jing International Exhibition Centre, Beijing.
The initial idea of this phone is actually simple. Namely use user activity to generate electricity which then can be transferred to support cell phone.

At the top of Magnolia embedded micro-generator such that movement is influenced by levels of the mobile phone.

So when the phone is active, in the sense of always moving alias shaken, it will create the electrical energy generated by micro-generator. Well, this energy can then be used to start the mobile phone.
"It was deliberately made to those who are active, always mobile and like to move," said one of the parties' ZTE 'to' detikINET.

"We have still not been released, but there is always a possibility to release it into the market," he concluded

ZTE or some other mobile phone vendors, previously it has launched a number of alternative-powered mobile phone. But it almost entirely relies on the sun as an energy source.Detikcom
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Write by: RC - Sunday, October 17, 2010

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