Nokia Shows 3 Future Mobile Technology

Cambridge - Nokia is developing a variety of future mobile technologies. One of them is so focused phone with a flexible body, which can change form.

As quoted "detikINET" from the Independent, Wednesday (09/29/2010), is the central research and development of Nokia, based in Cambridge, England, who tried to realize a variety of futuristic concept phone.
They also show off a technology called nanowire Sensing, Stretchable Electronic Skin and Electrotactile Experience. This Nokia Project dibesut by dozens researchers.

Sensing nanowire technology has several purposes. Among cell phone users can observe the surrounding situation, such as how high levels of air pollution.

"This team developed a kind of artificial nose. By putting the nano wires on a chip, this device can sense the difference in substance in the vicinity," explains Nokia.

While Stretchable Electronic Skin technology is used to make the phone can change shape, a concept first introduced in the Nokia Morph. Nokia showcased such a flexible electronic skin for the phone body.

"This possibility seems hard to believe, but a sort of technology could be used to create a unique device and even allows the technology contributed to our clothing," said Nokia.

While the technology promised Electrotactile Experience makes the system work more sophisticated touch screen. Various technologies are still in the early stage of development. Looks like it will take a long time for consumers to try it.
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