Nokia E72 Treat User Complaints

it's from DETIKINET.COM - Some time ago, the Nokia E72 a lot of complaints because it has a little problem on its firmware updates. After the 'herbal' latest Nokia E72 is present, user complaints were ready to treat.

From the experiments detikINET, before the last update to the firmware Nokia E72 still has many problems which is very annoying. Whether it's a little menu transition 'stutter' or crash barriers at some applications. In addition to the time used for typing documents via SMS or-Quickword, his impression is not responsive to the letters that appear are often late. Not only that, the phone is so often restart itself.

But after the latest firmware update to version 031 023, the Nokia E72 is much more felt tight. Both in terms of transfer applications, or when used to write an SMS or email.

When asked detikINET, Monday (03/05/2010) with complaints that there was now working almost normally. Interested users can directly download the latest firmware, from each handset. File size is only about 14MB. (Fw/Eno)
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Write by: RC - Monday, May 3, 2010

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