Esia's Market 2500 units Esia Mobile per Day

JAKARTA - Bakrie Telecom claims to have sold approximately 2500 units of Esia mobile in the arena of the Jakarta Fair (PRJ). Special discounts to attract visitors Esia key.

In arena PRJ, Esia marketed approximately 5 Esia mobile to get a rebate. My style is original Esia valuable for PRJ Rp.218 thousand to Rp.179 thousand could make. Hape Esia Goolll Hape Esia which is the newest series just sold for Rp 209 thousand from the previous Rp.329 thousand. Meanwhile, Esia Hape rambling Colors sold also Hape Esia Rp.209 thousand Connect FM Rp.225 thousand price.

Irfandi Firmansyah, Executive Vice President of PT Bakrie Telecom's Esia explain participation in the annual event is an agenda PRJ been an annual routine. Esia this year to build 11 more units to facilitate the exhibition stand people who wish to get Esia products in PRJ.

"In Jakarta this ESIA is wellknown. Nearly one of two city dwellers, using the ESIA. Hence, we want to socialize and hold Esia and provide maximum profitability through PRJ," Irfandi said in his statement on Thursday (07/01/2010).

That advantage, according to Irfandi not only through phone bundling discounts but also provides a variety of features which are value added services or value added services. Hape Esia Goolll for example, not only cheap but application is located in a very incomplete.

Placement of these features will further reinforce the focus on the development of Esia in 2010. During this Esia has been able to break up the price of CDMA phones worth only several hundred thousand dollars. Esia Now not only diversified bundling HAPE but also equip it with features that are rampant in society. For example, features such as social friends' facebook and Esia Messager.

"We are trying to develop features that much-loved community. Contribute also features a significant impact to encourage customer and revenue growth companies," explained Irfandi. (Ugo)
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Write by: RC - Thursday, July 1, 2010

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