Nokia Response to Apple Antenna

Helsinki - Criticism of the answer Steve Jobs linked to the antenna iPhone 4 turned out to not only come from consumers, but from a competitor, Nokia.

In an article posted on his blog, Nokia comparing how to hold the iPhone with the handle of Nokia. According to the company based in Finland, Nokia does not have any obligation on how to hold a cell phone.

Launched through cellular News, Thursday (07/01/2010), Nokia mocked Apple on how to hold a cell phone. The key, according to Nokia, try to always hold the phone with your thumb and fingers, with a supporting position, the four sides of the balance and good grip.

"We've found if the four sides of the grip is referred to above will make the process more convenient use, and as you can see, there will be no signal degradation if you follow our advice," writes the Nokia.

According to Nokia, the feature will not only exist in Nokia devices for upper and middle segments but almost all the existing Nokia devices, even for all segments.

"Providing methods and different grip styles for everyone to be comfortable holding the phone, without having to interfere with the signal antenna, is that there should be a mandatory feature in every Nokia device," they added.

"If you do not believe, please hold any kind of your Nokia mobile phone, with your position at will anyway, after that you'll realize there will not be any signal loss at Nokia," they wrote. (Srn)
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Write by: RC - Thursday, July 1, 2010

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