Nokia Sure, Back Mastering the "Smartphone" Markets

Nokia believes could be re-occupied or smart phone smartphone market with two current flagship platform, Symbian and MeeGo. It is said Anssi Vanjoki, head of Mobile Solution Nokia, in his blog last week.

"It can not be denied, as the challengers this time, we have to compete hard. The first struggle is to bring products and services that you want to have and use," said the official blog Vanjoki Nokia.

Vanjoki acknowledged that hard for Nokia to get back into the smart phone market leader who is now dominated by Apple. However, he was convinced of its assets are potentially creating Nokia smart phones and handheld computers that break down the market.

"Symbian and MeeGo is the best software for our smart devices. As such, we do not plan to use other software," he said. Vanjoki re-emphasize that it does not think using the platform 'Android' made in Google.

Nokia plans to release a smart phone based on Symbian ^ 3 as the platform began in the latest version of the Nokia N8 and MeeGo-based device at the end of the year. Symbian and MeeGo now been developed as an open platform allowing third parties to develop new applications. Nokia also has complementary experience using the smart phone market with an application service OVI Store.
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Write by: RC - Monday, July 5, 2010

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