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Renault DeZir Concept revealed, previews new design language [video]
New Renault concept car is a two-seat coupe with gullwing doors and an electric power train.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Ferrari 458 Goodwood FOS 2010 Supercar Run [video]
Check out this minute-long video of the 458 Italia racing around the Supercar Run at Goodwood. The story inside.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
GM sales in China increase 48.5 percent in first half, surpass U.S. sales for first time
China, currently the world's largest auto market, is also GM's biggest by volume. VW is the leading brand in China - also its largest market.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
New Volvo V60 sports wagon revealed
Get the full details on the Volvo V60, a sports wagon version of the all-new S60, inside.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
2012 Opel Zafira spied on Nurburgring for first time
Next-generation Opel Zafira will likely debut at the Paris motor show this fall. The model is due in mid-to-late 2011 as a 2012 model.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Last Dodge Viper delivered on the production line [video]
Customized Viper delivered to owner of the largest Viper collection in the world.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Red Bull F1 makes pit stop in front of Houses of Parliament [video]
Red Bull says its pit crews need all the practice they can get. The team performed a pit stop in 3.2 seconds before a crowed of onlookers at Westminster.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Mercedes SLS AMG hillclimb at Goodwood FOS 2010 [video]
SLS AMG roars along inclined track at Goodwood in this video. Get a cockpit view of the sprint - engine growl and all.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
MWDesign Project Slingshot for BMW Z4 (E89)
Check out this new tuning package for the E89 BMW Z4 from Canadian tuners MWDesign. The story and photos inside.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X Concept
Find out about Mercedes' new ugly and mean Light Armored Patrol Vehicle, unveiled last month in Paris. Photos inside
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport revealed - sets 268 mph land speed world record
The Veyron Super Sport had a best run of 434 km/h. The model set an average top speed of 431 km/h for a new land speed record.
07.05.2010 7/5/10 ... view
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