Apple Blocking sale of iPhone Replication from Chinese

Beijing - Mobile Replica of Apple's iPhone many in the market, most manufacturers from China. Apple apparently enough attention to it, they proved successful block the sale of one of the country of origin of replica iPhone Bamboo Curtain.

Meizu, one of the Chinese manufacturers who produce branded handsets like the iPhone M8 forced to stop selling and producing the cell phone. Because the office of the Chinese Intellectual Property Office M8 stopped marketing orders.

Reported by CRN and quoted on Tuesday (10/12/2010), Apple's lawyers have asked the Chinese authorities to block M8. Apple Party rate, the handset outright mimic Apple's iPhone.

That said, Steve Jobs himself lend a hand to handle this issue. Answering e-mail that questioned the action, with a brief Jobs replied, "They have stolen our ideas and intellectual property,"

Meizu Companies was established since 2003 and introduced the M8 phone since the beginning of 2009 in China. Indeed, in many ways, this handset is very similar to the iPhone.

Clearly, there are many replicas of the iPhone handset passing another brand in China, even in foreign countries. But it is unclear whether Apple is also taking action on them.

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Write by: RC - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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