iPhone 4 rocked Glass Fracture Problems

Jakarta - Problems in iPhone 4 Antennagate slowly receded from the attention. But apparently, Apple has not been able to sleep well after the emergence of a new issue is dubbed Glassgate.

If Antennagate related to the signal, Glassgate is the problem of damage to the casing behind the iPhone 4. That said, many iPhone four developing cracks on the rear casing.

GDGT technology is the founder of the site, Ryan Block, which claims technicians iPhone 4 has realized there are design flaws iPhone casing 4 which is made of glass. They have sought to investigate the issue of damages.

According to Ryan, the rear casing cracks caused by the use of the Apple iPhone a protective case made by third parties. Case is easily accessible by small objects over time can lead to cracks in the back of the iPhone 4.

Ryan claims to have information from reliable sources, including people in Apple. Apple tried to find a solution soon for this problem Glassgate not tarnish the image of the iPhone 4.

"The team at the iPhone very concerned about this issue and make a special lab to investigate," claims Ryan, published by Softpedia and quoted on Monday (10/11/2010).

Not known if indeed Glassgate wide-ranging impact. Site technology that many discuss about Apple, Cult of Mac, reported that around 600 4 iPhone users experiencing problems.
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