Prices and specifications iPhone 4

Prices and specifications iPhone 4 - iPhone 4 has been officially announced by Apple as its newest product, replacing the previous generation iPhone is the iPhone 3G. IPhone price 4 that was launched by the site Engadget, Tuesday (6/8/2010) consists of two kinds of prices, which for the iPhone to 16GB capacities priced at USD 199 (approximately USD 1.8 million), while the price of the iPhone with 32GB capacity will sold for $ 299 (approximately USD 2.7 million).

Price of the iPhone that was launched it certainly applies to the United States with a variety of specified conditions, including a contract with AT & T. Meanwhile, because the price of the iPhone 4 priced at a fairly affordable, the price for the iPhone 3SG has now dropped the price to around USD 99 (around Rp920.000).

For those interested in buying the iPhone 4, then since June 15, 2010. This device can already be ordered, and will be available on June 24, 2010 with two different colors, namely black and white.

As for the initial launch of the iPhone-4 will be available for 5 countries only, namely the United States, France, Germany, Britain and Japan, that number will increase to around 18 countries.

With the price of the iPhone 4 which has been mentioned above, so as for the main features of the iPhone 4 that allowed Apple founder Steve Jobs is as follows:

1. Design

IPhone Design-4 is clearly different than the previous generation. In addition to thinner (now 9.3mm), iPhone 4 using glass panels on the front and rear.

In terms of interior design, Apple designed the antenna which surrounds the entire body of the mobile phone. That is why in certain parts of the iPhone 4 looks kind of crack that seemed out of character to bring Apple products seamlessly.

2. Retina Display

IPhone Screen 4 get increased quite dramatically. In terms of resolution, the screen is now 960x640 pixel display, while the density reached 326 pixels per inch.

IPS screen technology coupled with 800:1 contrast ratio, the resulting picture on the 3.5-inch screen that is claimed to be very clear. Apple calls this technology Retina Display.

3. A4 Processors

Apple ensures that the processor used is A4, the same as that used in the iPad. Jobs also said it is able to enlarge the size of the battery on the iPhone 4 because using micro-SIM.

"Because we managed to make a larger battery, and because the A4 is really good, we have increased the age of the battery. 7 hours of talk on the 3G, 6 hours of 3G browsing, WiFi browsing 10 hours, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 300 hours standby, "said Jobs.

4. Gyroscope

If during the iPhone 3G and previous generations 'just' using accelerometers, gyro sensors on Apple to add iPhone-4. This means that the iPhone 4 will be able to detect 3-axis motion.

Coupled with the accelerometer, the iPhone-4 according to Jobs will be able to detect the 6-axis motion. This is expected to bear many kinds of new games on the iPhone 4.

5. Camera System

The camera on the iPhone 4 is two pieces. One in front and one behind, with an additional camera on the back has an LED flash.

5 megapixel camera with a resolution that also has a 5x digital zoom capability and backside illumination to improve the sensor. For video, the camera can capture up to 720p at 30 fps.

As if not enough, Apple also announced the existence of iMovie application for the iPhone. Video editing application that will be available at USD 4.99 a fairly complete with features, including editing video at 720p quality.

6. Operating Systems

The operating system on the iPhone, iPod Touch and IPAD will now be called IOS. While the newest version is IOS 4 that will soon be distributed by Apple.

Not many new things in IOS 4 compared to the previous Apple announcements. One thing is quite interesting, Bing search engines are now so one option for Safari in addition to Google and Yahoo.

7. iBooks

Features mainstay number seven is the availability of iBooks application for iPhone and iPod Touch as well. Later, the book has been purchased in a single device, such as the iPad, can also be synchronized to other devices without additional cost.

8. Ads on the iPhone

Eighth feature is also not too surprising, this is an interactive advertising system called iAds. Apple claims that some advertisers who are ready to present on that platform, with a total commitments amount to $ 60 million.

9. Video Chat

Habit Jobs in his keynote was delivered 'one more thing'. This time, the features that came later was application called FaceTime.

These applications take advantage of both the iPhone camera-4 to conduct conversations via video. Video chat can be done between iPhone-4 which are both connected to the Internet via WiFi (of course, not be in a WiFi area.) (Karodalnet)
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