5 Reasons Nokia N8 predicted would Drowning

Jakarta - Just display to the public, the latest smartphone Nokia N8, was fishing from a number of parties pessimistic despair. 12 megapixel camera phone with these predicted would not be able to compete with the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones.

Here are 5 reasons why N8 predict will sink as quoted 'detikINET' from Good Gear Guide, on Thursday (09/30/2010):

1. Price
N8 phone is priced at Rp 4, 95 million overvalued especially when the iPhone 4 or Motorola mobile X-Droid can be purchased simply by half-price with a two-year service contract.

2. Symbian OS ^ 3
In the past nearly half of all mobile phones sold in the world using the Symbian OS, but the count was too backward to less than a third, along with the booming of Google's operating system, Android. There is a rumor that Nokia may adopt Windows 7 Phone to catch up but there has been no official word from Nokia.

3. Applications
Symbian clearly can not compete with Android and Apple's suite of applications. Despite winning with 12 mega pixel camera, but it's still different.

4. Speed
Many lamented N8 measuring only 680 MHz embedded processor. Because, the other smartphones are now many are carrying the processor 1 GHz.

5. Lack of Demand
A national poll 'United States' on the level of satisfaction seems to put the Nokia smartphone ranked in her belly while Android and HTC Motorola's hardware took up position along with the Apple smart phone.

Sure, the Nokia N8 has the advantage on 12-megapixel camera, video player and screen 720p is very clear. But unfortunately he does not have an operating system that can be upgraded, do not have a lot of applications and prices tend to be less rational.

Perhaps looking for a handset that can be upgraded operating system, with lower prices and faster can be a good suggestion on phone competition is now very tight. (Feb/ash)/detikinet.com
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