Nokia E-Cu Can Automatic Recharge in Pocket

Jakarta - Nokia seems'm happy to experiment for its future mobile phones. After showing off three new technological concept, the Finnish vendor now show that cell phone batteries can be re-filled automatically when inserted into the pants pocket.

Called the Nokia E-Cu, the concept phone uses a charge system that utilizes the human body heat. E-Cu is claimed to convert body heat into electrical energy for charging the battery.

As detikINET quotes from Electronista, Thursday (10/07/2010), E-Cu cell phone has no charger. To convert the heat energy, the handset utilizes a tool called thermogenerator.
So simply put into the owners pocket, the phone automatically collects body heat and turn it into energy. And Voila, the phone battery to be charged again.

Because it is still merely a concept, technology, Nokia is still yet to enjoy the consumer in the near future. And be it known that this is not the only Nokia phone concept that can be filled without the charger.

Previously, has also introduced the Nokia prototype cell phone that utilizes radio waves or electromagnetic radiation as a resource. Just wait if the two technologies were eventually sold some future time.
(Fyk / RNS)
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