30 Percent Sony Ericsson Product , already Smartphone

Vendors Sony Ericsson up to now has been producing a smart phone or smartphone as much as 30 percent of their products. Corporate Vice President of Asia Pacific Region Head of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Ian Gardner on Thursday (10/07/2010) says it targets, their smart phone production in 2015 could reach 54 percent of the total product.

"It is expected that 54 percent of devices sold in 2015 is a smartphone," he said during a media conference in Jakarta. Some 30 percent of the total product which is a Sonny Ericsson smart phone is based on a variety of operating systems.

"There has been a disposable android system, there are simbian, we are still open. There are still a combination of various operating systems," added General Manager of Sony Ericsson for Indonesia, Alino Lewis on the same occasion.

It is said also by Alino, the development of smart phones in Indonesia, will be more significant in the appeal a mobile phone. The growth of smartphones in Indonesia increased by 40-45 percent compared to last year. Ian added, smart phone growth in Indonesia will be very good to see the number of mobile internet users in Indonesia.

"As many as 20.8 percent of global traffic on twitter that of Indonesia. And facebook users in Indonesia reached 24.7 billion," he said. "There was an explosion of use of mobile communication and entertainment devices in Indonesia," he added.

Users of smartphones in Indonesia said Ian, have three needs, namely freedom of choice, such as selecting an application, simplixity, simplify a complex pattern of life, and high connectivity.

"Connected anytime, anywhere, and with anyone," he added. For Sonny Ericsson's attempt to answer the needs of "smart users" by issuing a number of handset Xperia series that focuses on communication and entertainment.

"Experia, smartphones are the most entertaining, listening to customer needs, listening habits, consumer lifestyles, and strengthening the product," said Ian is responsible for business continuity in a number of Sony Ericsson's Asia-Pacific countries.
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