Fourth Android Sony Ericsson X8 More Affordable

Among smartphone vendors, Sony Ericsson included a vigorous poured android based device. We have had three models that issue since early 2010. Everything was taken Xperia brand, of Xperia X10, X10 Mini, and Mini Pro X10. The fourth model is ready to be released October Xperia X8.

Xperia X8 comes with a design theme that is not far different from the three predecessor. It's just smaller than the X10 but slightly larger than the X10 and X10 Mini Mini Pro.

"X8 is designed for users who need the wider screen and a more affordable price," said Hanny Sanjaya, Business Manager at Sony Ericsson introduced the Xperia X8 Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (09/23/2010). X8 screen size 3 inches wide, 4 inches wide while the X10 and X10 Pro Mini and Mini 2.6 inches wide.

Despite of the slightly larger screen sizes, prices for Xperia X8 dibanderol more skewed. Sony Ericsson pegged the initial price of between Rp 2 million to Rp2, 5 million. Compare with X10 prices that are still in the range of USD 6 million and X10 Mini and Mini Pro over Rp2, 5 million.

According to Hanny, products Android-based smartphone targeting younger users aged between 25-35 years. All smartphone Sony Ericsson is targeting the needs of consumers will be communication and entertainment devices.

In the view, 'X8' similar 'X10 Mini' and 'X10 Mini Pro' with face screen navigation that provides four corners. in each of its corners can be arranged menu option to allow users access from one grip though. Not to forget the typical Sony Ericsson feature Timescape that displays the flow of the latest updates from the network status on Facebook, Twitter, SMS / MMS, and miscall to allow users keep track of their communication. In X8, X10 Timescape can not complete on that show the flow of email messages and some other services.

Sony Ericsson X8 uses 600 MHz processor, 128 MB of internal memory, and external 2 GB which can be increased up to 16 GB. Android 1.6 platform used yet ready to be upgraded to the Android 2.1 in November. Connections to support 3G and HSPA and WiFi. Will be available two model selection with white and white with blue combination, but will be also available in black.
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Write by: RC - Thursday, October 7, 2010

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