Bad Effects of BlackBerry

New mobile Phones - Having such a Blackberry smart mobile phone is fun. Not only entertaining, but also beneficial for the job. No wonder the number of users continues to increase worldwide.

However, behind the positive values being offered, it proved a powerful tool to save a number of adverse effects that can disrupt the health of its users.

1. Addictive
Smart mobile phone devices are so easy to make the owner feel addicted. Studies at Rutgers University in 2006 concluded, Blackberry and similar devices to trigger the increase in internet usage is quite significant, but bad for mental health.

2. Disrupt sleep
With 24-hour internet service, the Blackberry device will vibrate or ring any time, when there is incoming e-mail and short messages. And all the time too, Blackberry users will be playing it, including when it was already in bed.

Quite often too, so users sensitive with Blackberry vibrating, so easily roused from sleep to open an incoming message.

Habit brings Blackberry in bed, finally make a quality sleeping. Subsequent impact, of attacking health. It's no secret that the poor quality of sleep has a negative impact on physical and mental health.

A study revealed, Blackberry users who have a habit of playing it before bed susceptible insomnia, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. Research conducted Uppsala University in Sweden, adding that mobile phone radiation can interfere with sleep activity.

3. Trigger anxiety
Having such a Blackberry smart mobile phone is fun for some people. With the Blackberry, the activity of exchanging emails, chatting, surfing the internet to be conducted simultaneously, anytime and anywhere. Many others rely on business.

Studies carried out MIT's Sloan School of Management in 2007 reveal, the use of Blackberry establish a culture of stress in the workplace. 24-hour internet facility is reliable smart cell phones that disrupt workers' leisure time. Duties and matters pertaining to employment can be present at any time, including when on vacation.

4. Debilitating brain
Behind the convenience provided, Blackberry users at risk of weakening the power of concentration. Character who can make the user perform a number of things at the same time (multitasking) tend to make a person difficult to absorb the information because its focus is easy to switch from one thing to another.

"As a multitasker, their brains are flooded with too much information, as a result they no longer selective for sorting out important information quickly," said Dr. David W. Goodman, director of Psychological Disorder Center in Maryland, Baltimore.

For that, he advised users not to activate the Blackberry's internet network for 24 hours. "Create a schedule to open the email, for example once every hour, or two hours," Goodman said. "Do not make yourself a slave of Blackberry vibrating or ringing." (FMN)

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