BlackBerry Can Call via Wi-fi

New mobile phones - Research In Motion (RIM), manufacturer of BlackBerry devices as well as the Canadian service provider, has renewed its voice service system or Mobile Voice System (MVS) that enables customers using the telephone network using Wi-Fi.

VIVAnews Xinhua quoted from the page, Tuesday, April 27, 2010, renewal of which is the fruit of cooperation RIM and Cisco Unified Communications Manager that allows users to use the phone via BlackBerry is characterized by the presence of Mobile Voice System 5.

This can be done either through your BlackBerry device using BlackBerry Enterprise Server service (BES) or BlackBerry device using BlackBerry service Internet Service (BIS), as long as allowed to connect to Wi-Fi network in question.

"At the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 is a wireless extension function of a telephone system that enables companies to connect voice services via Wi-Fi networks, both in the office, public hotspot, and home," said Alan Panezic, vice president of platform product management RIM.

Responding to this new innovation from RIM, a senior analyst with IDC, said Ramon Llamas T, Wi-Fi feature will greatly assist the user in the efficiency of expenditures. "If you are a company's employees with BES service, you can travel from campus to campus, where there is free Wi-Fi connectivity there. You'll save money and minutes (for postpaid) is bigger," he said.

Besides calling over Wi-fi, MVS 5 also can determine which is more a priority, for calls between cellular communications or Wi-fi. Also, he can control the numbers anywhere can access the Wi-Fi network it to the phone, and filter the calls passing network.

For your information, these five new BlackBerry MVS will be present from the end of this year. (Hs)
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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