Mobile phones for women age 21

Mobile phones for women - The right solutions to meet the needs of modern women, or even instead demean women? Whatever the answer, the obvious Alcatel has designed a special device shaped like a woman's place of makeup.
Jakarta (Finroll)-wrapped with a layer of chrome, the phone is introduced with a series of OT-808 offers two colors, namely pink and chrome which tend dark.

This phone look feminine not only by their shape, but also from the ability to penetrate social networking be a hobby of women such as Facebook, Twitter, instant messenger and a My Friends contact book.

although not confirmed by the 3G network, but the presence of opera mini 4 can help speed internet access.

Then what is offered so that the Alcatel OT-808 can compete with its rivals? First is the cheap price, OT-808 in the selling price of £ 49.95.

Battery life is long enough it also becomes one of excellence, because the battery can survive OT-088 submarine 9 hours even though the user to open multiple tabs at once while running the Internet.

Then a feminine shape, and the Qwerty keypad that allows girls with nails can be smooth typing messages without having to destroy his nails manicured.

But the key may be too small for some, not to mention the need to mess around with pressing the shift key and alt, just to send simple text messages. This is obviously not an ideal solution for 21st century women.

Seeing the price and its features are limited, obviously OT-088 is not competition from Blackberry and iPhone, but at least his presence could make the market reach ponse low end. (Syachmy)[]
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Write by: RC - Saturday, April 24, 2010

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