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New mobile phones - at a glance, almost no difference between the IMO i800 with the Apple iPhone. Starting from design concept to display the main menu. However, if you dive deeper into the new deh actually found out if this model is just like outer doang.

Like the Apple iPhone, wide body IMO i800 does not allow users ribet. This is consistent with the concept of ergonomics, although bongsor but the phone is quite slim. Comfort elements remain fulfilled. Back cover is made from rough textured metal materials, adding a slick design of i800 and make it not slippery.

In the area of the face, nearly engulfed most of the expanse of the screen with 3.2 inch wide reach. There was no line of keypad and special panels, only one button for access back to the main menu.

So, to dive to the inside, the only way you pass some of the touch screen QVGA resolution (320 × 240 pixels). Screen size is fairly large, at least bring a blessing. Because, you can use your fingers if you want to access the menu. Unlike the iPhone, this phone also provides a stylus.

Unfortunately, this kind of access methods turned out to reap some of the problem Moreover, if the touch screen response rate is still slow. First, for the sub menu with a small display, we would often wrong choosing the desired menu. Second, sometimes we have to press harder to open an optional feature. In effect, the phone screen would be more quickly broken.

This problem would be more pronounced when composing a message. Although the virtual keypad is provided and handwriting recognition technology as well as handwriting recognition alias, is actually the action type in SMS is still troublesome. Unlike the iPhone, imo i800 does not display the virtual keypad are large enough to be accessed with a finger.

Now, to the maximum level of sensitivity of the touchscreen is more, IMO i800 inject screen calibration features, like a cell phone touch mostly sailing. This facility can be found in the settings menu.

Main Features

Network Technology

This sector could be an added attraction IMO i800, to lure consumers. The reason of this beautiful phone comes with two SIM card slots. GSM Network-GSM supported. Fair is to address the operator tariff war.

Network problems, IMO i800 able to run on the frequency of tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz). Unfortunately, like IMO C2000, only one SIM card can be operated. Meanwhile, to change into other cards, phone switching process is implemented. Mode settings can be found in settings menu> SIM Appl.

Interestingly, if you do not want to bother with the affairs of his dressing-standby mode, the phone also provides an automatic facility forwarded the phone, the SIM card into the card off 'on'. But this would involve the operators so that there is the possibility of additional costs identified.

Camera of Chinese mobile

Like an upper-middle class phones, IMO i800 digital camera has also been prepared. Strength quite okay, with a maximum resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels aka 2 megapixels.

The problem, though have done the maximum settings, such as white balance and image quality, the results of its 2-megapixel still less than the maximum, even for a particular condition looks similar to the results of a VGA camera. Image quality was seen less focus, including an unbalanced level of contrast.

The same is also evident from the ability to record video clips. Although able to record movies with unlimited duration, but its quality is still less smoothly. The picture still looks broken. For the file format, i800 camcorder functions can create movie clips bercodec Mpeg4 and H.263.


As one of China's mobile phone, IMO i800 too full to accommodate the multimedia side. We can play MP3, AAC, WAV and AMR and video via a player 3gp/mpeg4 luggage smoothly.

Although it looks ordinary, and certainly with the Chinese mobile phone menus with unique interface, but its audio output quality no doubt. Section, two speakers at the bottom of the funnel body 3D-capable ready to thrill your ears.

Other entertainment features that are not less interesting, that is FM radio. However, unlike the multimedia mobile phone country of origin other bamboo curtain, a radio feature on the new i800 can be enjoyed after striking a stereo headset device to an existing connector. Lucky, this facility is available in the sales package.


You are a maniac in the game, will surely be entertained by IMO i800. Because, in addition to the standard games that can not be added again other than the default manufacturers, IMO i800 embed NES emulator games. As a result, you may enter a homemade games console Nintendo, such as 'Super Mario Bros' to the folder ROMs (games) provided by this phone. C2000 TV-like feature IMO. Quite interesting and entertaining.

Internet & Connectivity

The presence of the GPRS channels and the browser on this phone, are quite useful for browsing to the virtual world. Despite its simple appearance, was fairly to pry information from the Internet.

Meanwhile, for the media to send files to other devices such as PCs, IMO i800 using a Bluetooth media A2DP/AVRCP profile support and also a USB data cable. The second performance was quite strong in the medium to send data.
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