Six New BlackBerry soon enter Indonesia

You are a big fan of the Blackberry? You already know, the Blackberry series of what would come to Indonesia this year 2010?.

At least there will be six new Blackberry series is ready to enliven the market homeland. They say they have received the green light from the RIM. It's sixth is:

* BlackBerry Tour

* BlackBerry Storm 2

* BlackBerry Onyx White

* BlackBerry Aries

* BlackBerry Pearl 3G

* BlackBerry Gemini 3G

BlackBerry Tour, was released by "Indosat" in March 2010. Tour has the ability to dual mode GSM + CDMA. Inject CGMA service and one GSM card slot.

Blackberry Storm 2 also has the capability of CDMA + GSM Indosat will also be released by the earliest month after the Tour.

There is no certainty, when Pearl 3G, White Onyx, Aries, and Gemini 3G will be released. Both Indosat and Telkomsel claims still thinking about it first. But the Axis would have reportedly been marketing the Pearl 3G and 3G Gemini.

In addition to news about the sixth series which will soon enter Indonesia, there is another newspaper as saying that the BlackBerry Magnum not be made and certainly not be in here.
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Write by: RC - Monday, April 19, 2010

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