INTEL Mobile phones could breathe

CALIFORNIA (SuaraMedia News) - Researchers at Intel Labs Berkeley, California, designed a prototype mobile phone that can 'breathe'. in the sense that it can absorb air phone at the same time remove the data about the condition of the surrounding air to measure air quality.

Phone prototypes developed by these researchers, is expected to help every mobile phone user to monitor air quality. It is also to complement the 4000 stationary monitors used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"This is an idea called" citizen science ". By reading the condition of air pollution will certainly be useful," said Allison Woodruff, a researcher at Intel Labs as reported by CNN.

Woodruff said that, first, mobile phone users can help governments to identify locations that have air quality problems that may be overlooked by government monitors. Section, monitor the government's air quality monitors tend to have distance limitations.

Detection of this pollution can be useful for several reasons, said Allison Woodruff, scientific researchers from Intel.

The device can give regulators a troubled area where the air and previously unknown by the government.

Air sensors installed in mobile phones will also allow new lessons to the public. "If you want to learn more about asthma, for example, you could see the air quality experienced by people with asthma with the air sensor," he said.

Measurement will be based on the location of a person with the help of GPS. GPS services also become real-time maps of air quality readings.

Prototype measuring device for the current air quality still in development stage and are still experiencing a number of constraints.

Woodruff said it will complement the light sensor that will send and help in measurements.

Sensors are used to bring the carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen oxides in which not too small for the phone to be inserted into a pocket. Researchers are not sure when the pollution measurement device placed in a bag or pocket.

This phone has a large hole to allow air to enter.

However, according to them, phones with sensors of air quality will become better and smaller.

They believe these ideas will make the air healthier. They hope the device that is able to mark this pollution will become a reality in coming years.

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