BlackBerry Storm 2 ahead of iPhone

New mobile Phones - Success with the BlackBerry Storm, Research In Motion (RIM) Direct step on the gas with the launch of the gadget generation, which is more superior. The presence of Storm 2 is expected to continue to boost RIM's growth amid global economic uncertainty.

Second-generation BlackBerry Storm was confirmed slid into the market ahead of the end of this year. The first target is the UK market, which will be invaded through the Vodafone network, in October later. The U.S. market is going to be the next target, ie the beginning of November.

This Anyar generation BlackBerry does offer many advantages. Storm two fundamental advantages to the previous generation facility located on the supports Wi-F, 5-megapixel resolution camera, and expandable screens. In addition there are also a number of other improvements on the features of previous versions SurePress.

Storm earlier version has already proven toughness as a competitor iPhone in the U.S.. Survey NPD Group, the company's wireless industry market researchers, showed that during the first quarter of 2009 and Storm third position in the best selling in the U.S.. BlackBerry Storm 2, the presence of even this would erode the dominance predicted the iPhone, which has been altered by the BlackBerry Curve smartphone sales in the category.

RIM's market expansion is indeed amazing. One of them with the dominance of the BlackBerry in the U.S.. In this superpower, the BlackBerry had mastered 56% from U.S. $ 12 billion in the smartphone market. This means, three out of five mobile phones sold is the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Curve smartphone with sales recorded as the largest in the U.S. this year. According to NPD Group research, sales of RIM's BlackBerry Curve artificial able fueled aggressive campaign following a 'buy one get one free' which is held Verizon Wireless. Curve is also become increasingly popular and affordable for a wider availability in the four major mobile operators in the U.S.

Curve, so even the best-selling consumer smartphone in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2009, proving the toughness as the iPhone competitor. RIM's market share in the consumer smartphone market also rose 15% to about 50% of the entire smartphone market. In fact, compared to the previous quarter, Apple's market share and Palm fell 10%, respectively.

RIM that during this performance is also satisfactory with a significant increase. In the last ten years, Canada-based company has sold 65 million units to 28.5 million BlackBerry smartphones in the world.

Revenue per share on average during the last three years had increased 84% to 77% revenue growth rate. Despite the stock market in 2008 and then falling out, RIM's total stock return is still reaching 45% per year.

Manufacturer BlackBerry also has increased its value on the stock market capitalization to U.S. $ 96 million from U.S. $ 42 million. As a result, its founder, Lazaridis Balsille and now each pocketed 6% share, or according to the value of its shares for U.S. $ 2.5 billion.

That is why a prestigious business magazine, Fortune, named RIM as a company with the fastest performance this year, from the ranks of 100 other companies. RIM has managed to excel and beat main rivals, namely Apple, which ranks only 39th, and it's a distant 68th position. Although sales and the company's market value is actually three times larger than RIM.

Following RIM, Sigma Design runner up position. Computer chip maker based in Silicon Valley is part of the production of digital discs in the form of blue-ray DVD. Sigma revenue also jumped by 104% since 2007. While the sequence of the three is the Chinese Internet company, Sohu.Com. These companies make a profit from the country's economic performance remains strong bamboo curtain, in the midst of a recession. [P1][inilah]
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