Pulse Test U1i Satio, Sony Ericsson masterpiece

New Mobile Phones - Sony Ericsson Mobile Price (Rp.000) according Buyers Guide 'pulse edition' 178 Th VII/2010/10 - March 23 (New, Second and Sell Back).

Maybe we are somewhat familiar with the name because the name Sony Ericsson U1i Satio (or formerly Idou) more ngetop. Tabloid Pulsa 170 Edition includes U1i Satio test this with the label as a masterpiece for Sony Ericsson 12-megapixel cameraphones this is the first time someone in our country.

U1i run by Symbian OS S60 5th edition, using the data input and resistive touch screen available flash theme to beautify the main menu display. Despite wearing the same OS as the Nokia 5800 XM, XM 5530 and N97, Satio also have a music player, video player and photo viewer in one media features like SE phones in general. But mentioned maybe we will be disappointed with the sound output from speakers solo and without a 3.5 mm audio connector again.

The camera is a feature most in the highlight by Satio. Seem to be boring when I write mostly here, but mentioned the results of the videotape (with a 16:9 widescreen ratio) suitable for broadcast on television LCD. And the time needed to save the image after capture only about one second, which means faster than the 8 MP camera phone has another vendor. But the Xenon flash property Satio stated less than K850 when used to take pictures in the room and the far distance.

In addition to sophisticated cameras, Satio had a very sensitive GPS receiver, although we still can obtain building satellites with accurate info. And is Google Maps and licensing applications such as those held 30 days Aino is WisePilot navigator for navigation.

Excerpt rating for Sony Ericsson U1i Satio:

Interface: 8
Multimedia: 8
Connectivity: 9
Application and Installation: 8
Hardware: 9

Quote conclusions for this phone:

Satio more than likely a multimedia camera phone. Even with the 5th edition Symbian OS smart phones are not making a jump in the field of business. Overall touch interface makes it reasonable existence.

Satio camera capability is one of the best. Resolution 12-megapixel lens and photography features professional who brought it better than cell phone cameras are there to this day. Moreover, without comparison in the same class. However Satio quite disappointing on the multimedia side, the quality of speakers and a loss of 3.5 mm audio connector into the little things that quite disturbing.
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