BlackBerry Pearl Will Released April 2010?

Issues on the desirability of Research in Motion (RIM) made the newest generation of Blackberry Pearl series surfaced at the beginning of last December. Rumors are still rolling, the company reportedly based in Canada, it will be released in early 2010.

Yes, the beginning of 2010 RIM would launch its new leaf with the Pearl 2 which has the code 9100. One source at the company mentioned, the handset will be introduced to the public precisely at the upcoming April 2010.

Although the time of the release has been sounded, RIM is not going to comment about the truth of the news. Including how much the entire stock price for the phone still has to find another name for the striker and Startus.

Series Pearl Blackberry indeed different from the generation that ever issued by RIM in general. Folding model carries two screens, a trademark of Pearl. In addition, the qwerty keyboard model who became the mainstay Blackberry, also in the change in the Pearl becomes semi-qwerty keyboard.

For the problem of viscera, this latest generation Pearl will upgrade its network to 3G, with the addition of wi-fi as a supporter. Pearl 2 will also be running on Blackberry OS plus pinned camera with 3.2 MP resolution is reached.

Pearl 2 was created for lovers of lifestyle. Striker specially designed with a touch of interest without forgetting his strength as a smart phone. Especially with the appearance of a new battery, so buck up the Blackberry is more durable.

Not only that, its LCD screen has been using LED touch, so as to keep a lot of light without draining the battery. Appear to be seen, if the Blackberry is looking more and more luxury.

In Indonesia alone, the Blackberry Pearl is not too well received from fans of the Blackberry. Though Indonesia has also been the arrival of the first-generation Pearl. However, his enthusiasm is not too obvious. This is also due to only two operators only, Indosat and Telkomsel, which peddle the product.

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Write by: RC - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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